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impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats is a German-French law firm of experienced lawyers in German-French legal relations. Our offices are located in Berlin and in Paris. According to our expertise, our clients mainly are medium-sized companies of all branches that we advise and represent in labor and business law.

Our clients outside of Germany include, in particular, companies and businessmen in relation with the German business world. On the other side, we advise and represent companies from Germany and German-speaking countries or their branch offices and affiliated companies especially in France, but also in other European countries.

Our lawyers have always lived and worked in a Franco-German context, working equally in both languages, cultures and fields of law and can thus be both your contact for Germany and France.

Our firm attaches great importance to personalized advice and support for our clients as well as clear and transparent communication. Thus, we offer our clients tailor-made legal and entrepreneurial solutions for them to assert their legal and economic interests.

If necessary, we can rely on our network of professional partners in Germany and France as well as in other European countries which includes lawyers, tax consultants, accountants and management consultants.

The following principles and values are essential for our work:

• Commitment and reliability
• Expertise and experience
• Independence and fairness
• Biculturalism and internationality


Nasrin Karimi

Lawyer (Rechtsanwältin)

Tel. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 30
Fax. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 58

Family law, Inheritance law, German-Iranian law, Business Immigration read more »

Nikolai Schoppmann

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 30
Fax. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 58

Labour Law, Contract Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial leases read more »

Philippe Koch

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Specialized lawyer in commercial and corporate law
Avocat à la Cour (Paris)

Tel. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 30
Fax. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 58

Commercial and Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Franco-German Inheritance Law, Business Immigration
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We advise and represent our clients in all areas of German business and labor law and more specifically in Franco-German affairs. Our activity ranges from one-off consultation in response to specific legal questions, to consultation and full legal support of companies, including representation before authorities and courts in Germany and France.
Corporate law

Structure leads to freedom and security.

In the area of corporate law, our expertise ranges from assisting in the formation of a company while taking into account the relevant tax issues, providing corporate law support in day-to-day activities, to advising on complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and company succession.

We also advise and represent our clients in the event of shareholder disputes and provide answers on all issues regarding the liability of managing directors.

Commercial law

In Commercial law, we have expertise in national and international distribution law. In particular, we have many years of experience in Franco-German commercial agents law. We advise and represent both commercial agents and the companies that employ them. Furthermore, we are active in the fields of distribution law and franchise law. We review and draft franchise agreements for our clients and assess franchise projects from various industries.

Insolvency law

Our focus in Insolvency law is advising and representation of companies preparing for and beginning insolvency proceedings. Furthermore, we assist insolvency debtors throughout the insolvency proceedings. We have many years of experience in representing managing executives whose personal responsibility is sought by insolvency administrators. In this context, we also regularly handle criminal cases regarding financial and economic crimes.

Business Immigration

In the international scene, Germany is a magnet for immigration.

In 2020, the German legislator, with the "Skilled Workers Immigration Act", created a new legal framework for the future-oriented and demand-oriented immigration of skilled workers from third countries.

For many years, our law firm is specialized in business immigration. We advise national companies on the employment of foreign employees. Furthermore, our firm advises and represents persons who need a visa for work and training purposes and who want to live in Germany.

We also provide legal advice in the context of the recognition of foreign academic and professional qualifications.

Finally, our range of advice in the area of business immigration also extends to foreign clients who wish to establish companies in Germany or who wish to invest in German companies.

To find solution of the corporate and trade law in this context is part of our regular practice.

Other fields of activity

Many questions cannot, at first glance, be assigned to one or more areas of law, a lot not belonging to only one area in any case. Come to us with all your questions.

Our range of services covers all areas of law that are closely related to the economic interests of our clients.

This includes intellectual property rights and Franco-German inheritance law, in particular in the areas of succession planning and the creation of inheritance and corporate law options in family businesses.

In matters of residency (business immigration), we also provide legal assistance and advice to companies about the entry and establishment of foreign business people in Germany and France.

In addition, we support foreign investors and start-up entrepreneurs, managers, qualified specialists and their families in all matters regarding residency law.

Labour law

Lasting success for a company will always depend on its employees.

We advise and represent employers and employees in all areas of labor law, including collective labor law (collective representation, collective agreements etc.).

As far as employers are concerned, our mandates especially involve providing permanent legal advice to companies by being in direct contact with their legal and human resources departments for any issue regarding labor law and social security law. We have experience in the implementation in Germany of a French’s company human resource policy, in the event of the creation of an affiliated company for example. We also provide training courses (in-house seminars), especially for the legal and human resources departments.

Over the years, we represent our clients when necessary before the labor courts throughout Germany.

In addition, we provide advice to managing directors, board members and employees, especially during employment and pre-termination negotiations.

Finally, another focus of our activities regards the issues raised in case of employee deployment, especially between France and Germany.

Contract law

A good agreement has to be clear and complete. It eliminates ambiguity and paves the way for future legal relationships.

In this respect, we advise our clients on all contractual issues of their commercial activities and practices. We draft agreements and assist our clients in applying, interpreting, implementing and enforcing contractual stipulations in the event of a dispute.

Our contractual expertise extends to all areas of commercial contract law, in particular purchase and delivery contracts, service contracts, employment agreements, real estate transactions, commercial leases, partnership and distribution agreements (including e-commerce), as well as data protection agreements. Of course, negotiations of standard clauses such as general terms and conditions are also part of our activity.

With regards to our Franco-German practice, we pay attention to the applicability of agreements in different countries (private international law).

Commercial leases and real estate law

Whether you buy or rent, your commitment is usually a longer-term one.

We have many years of experience in all areas of German real estate law. We advise our clients on the acquisition, leasing and sale of real estate or property companies.

Especially, we advise and represent retail firms during negotiations and when drafting commercial leases, and we represent them in the event of a conflict.

Family law

Interpersonal relationships cannot be separated from legal issues. Unfortunately separation and divorce are part of the reality of life.

The drafting of contracts before and after marriage, agreements for non-marital partnerships or for same-sex partnerships, separation and divorce agreements, are the focus of our legal work.

If contentious proceedings before the family courts cannot be avoided, we represent you in these proceedings for divorce, maintenance, pension compensation, equalization of accrued gains, as well as for property disputes. Disputes in connection with joint children are also part of our legal practice.

Nasrin Karimi has proven her expertise in international family law and is familiar with complex case of binational marriages.

Inheritance law

Inheriting and bequeathing - the freedom to decide freely about one's assets still applies after a person's death.

We advise and represent our clients in all case connected with inheritance law.

Our legal advisory practice has a central role in the drafting and reviewing of wills, as well as inheritance and donation contracts in the context of asset succession planning.

Furthermore, we advise and represent our clients in disputes with other heirs, disputes concerning compulsory portions and inheritance certificate proceedings.

Due to our international orientation, we have special expertise and many years of experience in inheritance cases with foreign connections. As international cases of donation or inheritance can be complex when it comes to tax, we are cooperating with specialized tax consultants.


We edit the Impact-Guides to Franco-German Business Law and Labor Law. These French-written practice guides are aimed specifically at our French-speaking clients and especially small and medium-sized companies from France.


Students / Trainee Lawyers (m / f)

We are always looking for motivated students / trainees interested in German and French law. Prerequisites are above-average knowledge of German and French, one of which should be mastered as a native tongue.

As part of an internship, we offer you personal support, a first-class work environment and interesting insights into the activities of a bi-cultural business law firm. By participating in client interviews and court hearings, drafting lawyer’s findings and mail, you will be able to learn all about legal practices.

Lawyers (m / f)

You are a lawyer with a special interest in Franco-German business law. You have team spirit, you are qualified and committed and you are looking for entry into professional life. Then get in touch with us! We are looking to expand our team of lawyers and look forward to meeting you.

Please apply online by sending your CV and a cover letter to Philippe Koch.


Office Berlin

impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats GbR
Wielandstraße 18, 10629 Berlin
Underground: Uhlandstraße / S-Bahn: Savignyplatz / Bus

Tel. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 30
Fax (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 58

Office Paris

impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats GbR
4 rue de Rome, 75008 Paris
Métro: Saint Lazare / bus

Tel. (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 30
Fax (+ 49) (0) 30 32 70 27 58

Legal Notice

impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats GbR
Wielandstraße 18, 10629 Berlin
Nation tax id: 13/518/01586
VAT identification number: DE317857637

impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats GbR is a civil law corporation composed of the three partners and legal representatives Nasrin Karimi, Nikolai Schoppmann and Philippe Koch. All partners are entitled to practice as lawyers in the Federal Republic of Germany. They are members of the Berlin Bar Association, located at Littenstraße 9, 10179 Berlin, the Berlin supervisory and control authority.

The professional legislation for lawyers can be consulted on the website of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers at www.brak.de.

The following texts are concerned:
• Federal Regulations on Lawyers: Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO)
• Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers: Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte (BORA)
• Regulations of Specialized Lawyers: Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO)
• Professional Regulation of Lawyers in the European Union: Berufsregelungen der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Union
• Law on the remuneration of lawyers: Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)

According to the BRAO, lawyers are required to subscribe to professional liability insurance with coverage for at least 250,000 Euros. According to Article 51 of the BRAO, the lawyers of Impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats GbR have subscribed to a professional liability insurance covering the possibility of damage throughout Europe, with the company HDI Versicherungen AG, HDI-Platz 1, 30659 Hannover.

Philippe Koch is also Avocat à la Cour in France. He is a member of the Paris Bar Association:
Ordre des Avocats à la Cour de Paris
11, Place Dauphine
F-75053 Paris

The professional legislation regarding French lawyers can be consulted on the website of the Paris Bar Association at the following address: http://codedeonto.avocatparis.org/textes.

In particular, the following texts are concerned:
• Law No. 71-1130, 31st December 1971 reforming part of the judicial and legal professions
• Decree No. 91-1197, 27th November 1991 organizing the profession of lawyers
• The Rules of Conduct of the Paris Bar Association (RIBP)

Data protection and other information

data protection

Our declaration concerning data protection

Consumer dispute resolution

In accordance with Article 36 of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act (VSBG), we draw your attention to the fact that in the event of a dispute related to the mandate with Impact Rechtsanwälte Avocats, you may contact the Arbitration board of the legal profession for dispute resolution. We are willing to participate in the dispute resolution proceedings of the Arbitration board of the legal profession. The address of the Conciliation Board is Neue Grünstr. 17, 10179 Berlin, www.s-d-r.org

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